About Wagetap: An Introduction

April 15th, 2020   ·   2 min read

We help empower your pay, giving access to your wage as you earn it. Get paid, your way.

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Who We Are

Wagetap is the healthier way to get paid.

Wagetap is a platform that aims to help alleviate the stress of any payday. We are a startup based out of Sydney, Australia, and we’re expanding fast! Our goal is to enable companies to help their employees achieve financial wellness through flexible salary access, allowing them to withdraw their earnings at any stage of the pay cycle. Employers utilise wagetap through our free SaaS platform, getting access to a powerful tool that will help recruit, retain, and engage employees. Employees use wagetap through our app, where they can track and access their wages as they earn them!

What We Do

We know how hard it is to live paycheque to paycheque.

That is why we founded wagetap — to smoothen the financial hit of unexpected car bills, gas leaks, or rent. Through our platform, we want to help companies focus on their employees’ wellness, starting with the most important aspect: getting paid.

Companies struggle with worker retention and employee wellness. Financial wellness is one of the top concerns workers have when it comes to choosing (and staying!) a job; in fact, up to 60% of employees consider benefits extremely important when it comes to choosing their next employer.

How it Works for You

As an employer, this means interacting with our SaaS platform where you will be granted access to analytics and manage your payout cycles for your employees. You will be given full visibility, with the option of setting withdrawal limits. Breathe easy with us — we make this process simple for you, as we integrate seamlessly with your existing software accounting platforms, such as Xero.

As an employee, we serve as your gateway to the wage you’ve worked so hard for — at any stage of the pay cycle. No more waiting for the next payday, no more payday loans, no more steep interest rates! A small one-time withdrawal fee and you’ll be able to make your next rent payment, stress free. Life’s already complicated enough without financial worries, so we want to help take a little off your plate!

Like What We Do? Let’s Talk!

Are you looking to have us help you empower your employees? We’re beta testing! Go ahead to our website to sign up!

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